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John's Wedding by glowingmystery John's Wedding :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 0 0 Happier With Someone Else - Sherlock by glowingmystery Happier With Someone Else - Sherlock :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 0 0 I Heart Pizza by glowingmystery I Heart Pizza :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 3 0
My Monster
The words that I mumble
tear up this page.
I can feel the world crumble,
along with this cascade.
And you look at me,
and I just see true love,
but when I look at me
I see more than enough.
The scars aren't too pretty,
but they don't grace my skin.
They decorate my mind,
showing battles I couldn't win.
These threatening tears
that are so close with my eyes,
they're the real me
showing through my disguise.
I can try to hide it, 
shove the truth down,
but every attempt at "normal"
I come of as a clown.
"Too careless", "too stressed",
I've heard them all
"too structured", "a mess",
it's my final fall. 
Just look me in the eye,
and tell me what you see.
You're the first person
to not out-right criticize me.
It's a hard nasty fight,
and I can't seem to win.
And then you with your arrogance 
think you can come crashing in.
But I've been hurt before,
and my heart still stings.
I can't trust anyone,
I don't know who you could be.
With each kind thing you say
I feel my heart trus
:iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 1 0
Lazy Darling
My eyes are screaming,
give this some meaning.
What’s the point
if you don’t really care?
You roll your eyes,
you toss your hair,
I’m so damn mad,
are you even there?
You sigh and complain,
you won’t do a thing
‘till it’s time for the game.
Well newsflash,
you can’t do this now.
I’m not bowing down.
You think you’re a great
all powerful god.
Well guess what
you’re not,
you don’t make
the laws.
You’ll scream that I’m young,
and just don’t understand.
But who are you,
thinking you own this land?
I was silenced and silenced,
and silenced again.
All while you whispered
that I was your friend.
Now I see past these lies,
and the friendships you fake.
I can’t believe that you
used to make me quake.
You think you’re so cool
while you sit on your ass.
But I’m sorry darling,
your time has passed.
:iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 1 0
Castiel and Dean by glowingmystery Castiel and Dean :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 1 0 Side of the Angels by glowingmystery Side of the Angels :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 2 2
Fall Apart
And I fall to the ground as it all falls apart.
I fall to the ground along with my heart.
And I sob and I sob
cause it all fell apart.
My hands are bleeding
from the shards of my heart.
I love you so much,
and I don’t know what to say.
I never thought it would
fall apart this way.
You cry,
we cry,
everyone should cry too.
Cause you never know
when it will fall apart for you.
:iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 0 0
Dan Howell - You Only Live Once by glowingmystery Dan Howell - You Only Live Once :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 1 0 My Face by glowingmystery My Face :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 0 0 Time to Play Guitar by glowingmystery Time to Play Guitar :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 2 0 Lucky Dice by glowingmystery Lucky Dice :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 0 0 Ready to Roll by glowingmystery Ready to Roll :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 1 0 Waiting to Move by glowingmystery Waiting to Move :iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 0 0
Friendships must End
My past is the past
can we keep it that way?
The pain that I felt
isn't aloud to stay.
She shattered me then,
and I called her my friend.
And though she's no longer my friend
she'll still bring 'round my end.
With my once friends,
now strangers,
she will fill them
with anger.
She'll twist words
I never said,
she'll resume her place
torturing my head.
Soon I'll be hated
more sadness created.
Their memories of me,
will be good no more,
because ruining my life
is her greatest chore.
I wish she'd just leave
but they want her to stay.
They don't care about me,
so I guess I"ll go away.
I'll still worry and fret
and miss my old friends.
But I know it well,
all friendships must end.
:iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 0 0
Not Alone
Suddenly my dreams change,
and revolve around you.
You want to move to LA,
suddenly I do too.
I'm thinking of future-
when we barely have past,
but I really do hope,
this love will last.
You hold me close
and promise to stay,
and I let myself dream
of forever this way.
Sometimes I worry-
I pledged to not hope
but you make me feel-
maybe I don't have to be alone.
:iconglowingmystery:glowingmystery 1 0


Arya Stark process by joanponsart Arya Stark process :iconjoanponsart:joanponsart 2 0 White wind by CohenRon White wind :iconcohenron:CohenRon 46 5 Desire by CohenRon Desire :iconcohenron:CohenRon 65 9 Some infinities by CohenRon Some infinities :iconcohenron:CohenRon 30 2 Bikes in Space by darkdex52 Bikes in Space :icondarkdex52:darkdex52 8,817 619 Urban Ballerina by naked-in-the-rain Urban Ballerina :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 178 6 I remember when I lost my mind by naked-in-the-rain I remember when I lost my mind :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 352 17 Neverland by naked-in-the-rain Neverland :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 810 26 Reality vs dream by naked-in-the-rain Reality vs dream :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 596 21 Forever by naked-in-the-rain Forever :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 275 20 Disney Map by theantilove Disney Map :icontheantilove:theantilove 13,428 2,767 One in a million by naked-in-the-rain One in a million :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 287 15 Eye 2 by RainingMoonWitch Eye 2 :iconrainingmoonwitch:RainingMoonWitch 1 0 War of roses by naked-in-the-rain War of roses :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 370 33 The river within you by naked-in-the-rain The river within you :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 128 7 I would take the stars out of the sky for you by naked-in-the-rain I would take the stars out of the sky for you :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 242 5


Summer is finally here! :3
And I've already started my habbit of playing the sims and acheiving nothing. This summer shall be spent on color guard, drivers ed, and hopefully a social life. It's hard because most the people I know and want to hang out with have strict parents who barely let them do anything :'( But alas I shall try. I hope you all have lovely summers, and if it's not summer where you are, have lovely lives.
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